Monday, June 21, 2010

My Boomsword

This is my boomstick. . . er, boomsword.

Like most of my inventions, the steam powered Von Singer special single action revolvoblade is a work in progress. Initially designed and built almost ten years ago as part of a wholly separate project (and vision of the future-- that's what you get for hopping back and forth along the timeline constantly!) I have recently picked this piece up again and begun to tinker with it.

The biggest flaw of this early Von Singer design is in the structural weaknesses of the grip itself. While the blade is a salvaged bar from a DOA Homelight chainsaw that I recovered on one of my many journeys out into the other worlds which border our own, the handle is a hollow piece of light duty plastic recovered from a grandmother's easy-to-handle edge-subduing weedeater-analog. Only the careful placement of screws (and gentle handling) hold this creation together.

My goals with this piece are:

  • Make it steampunk (its rather basic, isn't it?)
  • Eliminate structural issues via internal reinforcement and/or a wholly new grip altogether.
  • Find and create a way to mount and carry this device into the field that doesn't require me to consistently strike cool poses (as opposed to carrying on boring conversations.)
STATUS: In Progress

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