Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aeronautique Sidearm

Don't I look handsome? Hans thinks I look handsome. Jawohl!

I know what you are thinking-- every enterprising young inventor who dabbles in the genre of steampunk tinkers with a Maverick R6. They're everywhere! Why, on my last outing (a tour of old Sacramento) I counted six of them holstered on the hips of my fellow steampunkers (with only their own unique color schemes to differentiate them.)

Well, everyone must start somewhere. This is where I started.

Isn't she pretty? I was tempted to call her "Vera."

So, tell me, Mr. Fancy Pants Inventor (I can almost hear you say) just what sets this particular Maverick Rev 6. apart from its many cousins within the steampunk community? Well, other than the fact that most of the chambers still fire (I blame the malfunctioning ones on tape failure, and not on any sort of incompetence of my own,) the Aeronautique Sidearm (Model VI) is made sleek and sporty with the use of a soft, smooth lacquered blue finish coupled with the easy chrome of the rest of the weapon. Add a grip and muzzle wrapped in genuine leather (as well as an extended barrel made from real copper-- not plastic painted copper!) and you have a handgun that every airship pilot, captain or aspiring pirate can secretly envy.

Do you feel lucky, Hans? Well, do you?

Plus, its simple, blue-and-chrome beauty is enough to inspire even the most hardened introvert to strike a few exciting poses with it (as evidenced below.)

STATUS: For Sale
COST: $25 + $10 s&h in US

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