Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fusio-Sonic Disintegrator

I believe in six disintegrated things before breakfast.

Utilizing technology recovered and reverse-engineered from an Atlantian radiation oven, the Fusio-Sonic Disintegrator is, without a doubt, the most subtly deadly weapon produced by Von Singer Aether & Steamworks.

Looks can be deceiving. . . and awesome.

Powered by a prodigious aether chamber and a series of phlogistonic ignition hotpoints which flare visibly in patterns determined by the frequency and yield chosen by the wielder from among the six different settings built into the weapon, the Fusio-Sonic Disintegrator produces any of six different noises while reducing your foes to subatomic ash!

This gun is too cool to say "pew pew." It makes a noise like OOWOWOWOWOOOOWOWOOW and then you explode violently.

This was my first attempt at transplanting the guts of one gun into another, (much less a totally homebuilt one,) and it worked surprisingly well! Utilizing a lot of masking tape to anchor all the important bits to the PVC frame, I sprayed the whole thing down with structural foam to lock it down and then spray painted it with a coat of hammered copper. Sky blue was used on the ignition chamber (it lights up!) and silver was used to pick out the details. True to its description, it has six triggers (on the side, but near the trigger point on an ordinary gun) each corresponding to a different sound and light sequence.

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