Friday, July 2, 2010

The Atlantinator

That's not a gun. This is a gun!

Three men came to kill me once. The biggest one carried this.

No wait, that was a different gun. This is my latest invention, the Ronin "Bigger Than Air" Atlantinator (AKA: The Compensator.) Based off of elements recovered from ancient Atlantian technology, the Atlantinator was originally designed as a squad support weapon usable in the field and/or from the side of an airship (during boarding operations.)

...and it looks cool too!

This weapon's only drawback is its size. At five and a half feet in length from the stock to its tri-barreled muzzle, the Atlantinator is a massive firearm (dare I say artillery piece?) that is impractical to bring into the field (unless you are hunting some serious Cacodemons.) Like the VS-41 and Weetabix's Big Game Rifle, the Atlantinator is composed of a PVC frame filled with structural foam (sans the layer of silicone caulking) painted in silver, copper and black.

Preparing to handle an infestation of Shoggoths.

Four out of five Arkham investigators agree that the Atlantinator could give even Cthulhu a run for his money. Now-- imagine that on the side of your airship the next time you engage a fleet of sky pirates!

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