Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Atreides Cannon

Ah yes, one of my personal favorites.

This 30 mm, single-shot, break action, breech loading cannon is designed to utilize various types of pressure-cap shells, including slugs of depleted uranium (the gentleman's way of piercing heavily armored targets,) a light grapeshot round and rounds fitted with a gel-based form of greek fire. Originally conceived of as Von Singer Arms' answer to the Harkonnen Cannon, the VS-341 Atreides Cannon ultimately proved to be a much more effective way of bringing the "boom" to the enemy.

"Boom" indeed.

As for the effectiveness of the weapon, I can certainly vouch for it packing enough of a punch to neutralize most small airships and any small to mid-sized, sanity-stealing elder beast unlucky enough to find itself in the Atreides' sights. The recoil of this blunderbuss cousin is. . . well, certainly as minimal as can be expected for a bore of its size and length. You'll get used to the bruises in no time!

Eat your heart out, Victoria!

Like the Atlantinator, the Atreides Cannon is built from a rigid frame of PVC pipe (though it uses a larger gauge than any of the other weapons on the site thus far) with an internal stock of structural foam formed through the Von Singer (patented) "wrap it in masking tape, poke holes in the tape and shoot foam inside" method. The round things on the scope are lemonade lids, and paint-wise, the Atreides Cannon only uses the hammered copper (it seemed too big and direct to be anything but one single, solid color.)

STATUS: For Sale
COST: $40 + $15 s&h in US

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