Saturday, June 26, 2010

VS-41 Auto-Pneumatic Rifle

Colonel Weetabix and I showing off the VS-41 and the Colonel's custom big game rifle.

On my last visit to the cthulian depths of Archeron, I was struck by a brilliant idea. It seems that every time I pass into otherworldly dimensions and hellish fragments of elder worlds which hang in the phlogiston of reality, I find myself woefully lacking in firepower. That, my dear friends, is where my latest invention, the Von Singer Arms VS-41 Auto-Pneumatic Rifle comes in.

My guns are always bumpy at first.

Like the Colonel's big game rifle, the VS-41 started life as a PVC structure fitted together in a way that (I felt) vaguely resembled the M41A, which I think most of those who are familiar with the design will agree is one of the most iconic, beautiful and powerful rifles ever built. Once the frame was assembled, an entire can of structural foam was applied and allowed to set, giving the rifle the characteristically bumpy and organic look that my rifles have before I sand them down and paint them.

Not even Hans can shave so straight.

Cutting free the bumpy bits and sanding down to the level of the PVC pipe always leaves a pockmarked surface on the real meat of the rifle. Fortunately, an application of silicone caulking, when spread across the surface of the weapon using a butter knife, reduces the bumpy, cratery appearance to almost nothing.

It's a tarp!

Painting on the VS-41 was done in three colors-- chrome for the clip and barrels, copper for the stock, (and pretty much the rest of the piping) and an application of glossy black which was sprayed onto the butt of the rifle. The end result? See below!

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