Friday, June 25, 2010

Weetabix's Big Game Rifle

Colonel Cornelius Weetabix, world famous big game hunter

Continuing in the vein of gunsmithing, I recently constructed this dual-chambered, steam-powered elephant gun as a gift for the great Colonel Cornelius Weetabix, world famous big game hunter and fellow adventurer.

The gun, it seems a bit poofy, ja?

Like all of the other rifles I have constructed thus far, Weetabix's Big Game Rifle began life as a PVC form locked into place with combat-grade masking tape and a generous helping of canned structural foam. After allowing enough time for the foam to set, I then shaved off the excess foam and applied a layer of silicone caulking (with a butterknife-- literally) to fill in the natural crater-esque surface which is exposed by the shaving. This process creates a smoother surface for looks and painting!

Ah, that's better!

Weetabix's Big Game Rifle required three colors of paint to finish: Hammered metallics in silver and copper (the silver for the barrels, the copper for the stock) and an edging of black which I applied to the base and butt of the stock after this shot. Perhaps the best aspect of this design is that the surface of the weapon (where it is not PVC) is essentially a styrofoam-like substance under a thin, hard crust, so it's mostly weather resistant and provides a solid platform for adding objects to (in order to more steampunk it up!)

The Colonel making civilized conversation. . . while holding his new gun.

So, what was the Colonel's reaction after I gave him his gift?

I think he likes it, ja?

I cannot wait to see what he does with the platform I have given him!

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