Thursday, June 24, 2010

Martian Auto-Variable Raygun (MARV)

Yes, it is very nice, Hans. Very stylish, ja.

Every good inventor knows that the best inventions are those that someone else had to think up and build. On one of my many travels to the salt mines of Mars, I came across this sleek little piece and immediately acquired it for the steep sum of $1.50 American. Being of Martian design, it was of a garish black-and-orange color scheme, but I was drawn by the quality of the piece, (as well as the LED assembly and the range of noises it makes.) A quick disassembly, tape application and spray down with hammered metallic paints later, my reverse-engineered Martian Auto-Variable Raygun (MARV) became a fully functional light-and-sound sidearm good enough for the hip of any self-respecting steampunk or airship pirate!

My assistant, the sky pirate Braschella Rivera, modeling the MARV.

The most notable feature of the MARV (besides the flashing lights and fancy PEW PEW noises) is the addition of a variable power setting on the slide of the weapon, allowing the MARV to be set to stun or, my favorite setting: lethal!

STATUS: For Sale
COST: $20 + $5 s&h in US

Set to stun, prepare for fun!

The MARV's "Stun" setting. . .

. . . and now it is set to kill!

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