Sunday, July 4, 2010

Plutonian Bio-Rifle

Ah, the vulgarities of non-human technology.

I recovered this fine specimen on my latest trip through the aethers to the frozen wastelands of Pluto, it being typical of the strange and arcane bio-technological hunting rifles grown and used by the natives there (and certainly not something I threw together in my garage to use up the rest of a half-full can of structural foam and some random lengths of PVC pipe)

It looks like what? I don't see what you mean, Hans.

Being a living organism removed from its frigid native environment, the Plutonian Bio-Rifle is extremely fragile and has a strange texture to it unlike any human weapon. It fires a compressed beam of energy capable of stunning anything up to about the size of a large elephant and seems to generate its power internally, drawing sustenance from either the world around it or some as-yet-unseen marvel of otherworldly ingenuity.

I still don't understand why Hans refers to this weapon as a "piece of crap."

The Plutonian Bio-Rifle is about as simple as PVC sprayed down with leftover structural foam and left to drip-dry. The mottled look was achieved by painting the entire thing over a 3-4 hour period with water-based acrylics that were mixed relentlessly.

STATUS: For Sale
COST: $25 + $15 s&h in US

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