Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's This!?

It is just over here. I call it the Bloodmassacre Extreme Ultra 'Sploder

Allow me to show you my latest invention, a creation of such evil power and destructive capability that it rivals, nay utterly outdoes any creation of Doctor Von Singer's! Ladies and gentlemen, I present. . .

. . . bzzt bzzt. . . This is Doctor Von Singer. Do not listen to the lies of Doctor Bloodlukov! He is a madman! None of his creations could ever outdo any of mine and he is by no means any handsomer. I am the most handsomest! (forgive my use of a double superlative, but in times of crisis we must make necessary sacrifices.). . .bzzt bzzt. . .

I am currently executing a plan which will unseat Doctor Bloodlukov and return my Steamworks to its rightful owner-- me. Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen, for I will be back within my Steamworks and inventing new wonders shortly! . . .bzzt. . .

Blast! Curse you Von Singer! You haven't a prayer! I'll crush you and your little dog. . . what? He hasn't got a little dog? Well curse you! I'll crush you and your little guns too, Von Singer! The Steamworks will remain mine for all time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I taunt you and taunt you a second time as well as a third and a fourth and more!

. . .bzzt. . . Your days are numbered, Bloodlukov. When Von Singer comes to wipe your smelly hide off the face of this derned earth, I'll be right there beside him. I'll be there, and it'll be the end of the likes of you. Nobody escapes once he's found himself in the sights of Elias Castillo, Bountyhunter, Steam Engineer and professional Sky Pirate.

So sit back, Bloodlukov, and enjoy the ride. I'm coming for you, and for the moment, this video feed is all mine. . . . bzzt. . .

- - -

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