Monday, August 2, 2010

Bloodlukov's Injector Gun

Bloodlukov is the name, injections are my game.

As you may have guessed, I am a mad scientist. Perhaps just a mad engineer... or perhaps a mad geneticist? Mad physician? Anyway, as a mad tinkerer of blood and biological bits, it is only fitting that I carry a weapon impressive enough to become a sort of trademark for me wherever I conduct my dastardly deeds.

My injector gun is exactly this.

Isn't she pretty? Pretty, pretty toy of mass destruction.

Equipped with a large gauge needle and a reservoir container large enough to choke several donkeys (even evil donkeys!) My pretty little injector gun is the perfect tool for perpetuating evil gene tinkering around the lab. Why, I've been known to brew up all manner of nasty business to inject into my various subjects and lab animals-- all in the name of SCIENCE! MAD SCIENCE!

The gun, it makes me look very attractive, da?

Now, as Von Singer does with his tools and weapons, I shall address the humble beginnings of my injector gun, for it was not always so beautiful. No! Indeed it took the hand of a craftsman such as myself to create such a gorgeous piece of machinery. After obtaining a simple Nerf gun from a Store of Thrift and fixing the light inside (it works! It lives! IT LIVES!) I discovered that I could simply twist the threaded end of an aluminum waterbottle I had onto the end of the weapon (with a bit of a modification to the gun.) This became the reservoir, the body of a pen cut at an angle on one end became the needle, and a little bit of glue and silver spraypaint later (as well as some black, brush on acrylic) and voila! The ultimate laboratory tool!

This is how happy it makes me.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of these pictures, because they're all pretty sexy and handsome and I am very proud of them. Eat your heart out, Von Singer!

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