Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Death Ray

Almost as good looking as me, ja?

Featuring the latest in hand-held and portable Death Ray technology, the Tesla-104 Pistolgrip Death Ray features not only a nifty spinny-rotatey bit that lights up and vibrates, but also a loud and thoroughly invigorating sound which is sure to get the blood of any Steampunk pumping.

"Point away from face"

While most death rays work through emission of exotic particles, manipulation of sonic waves or the discharge of arsenic plugs through dish-shaped amplifiers, the Tesla-104 inflicts death with a series of semi-hypnotic aetheric oscillations which effectively rewire the brain of any target to immediately begin violently hemorrhaging. In rare cases, individuals may be able to resist the powers of the Tesla-104, but those few individuals tend to only lapse into seizures instead.

It's seizure-riffic!

This was a fun thriftstore find that turned out to only need new batteries and a tightening on a screw inside to work again. Of course, the purple and orange color scheme wasn't nearly steampunk enough, so other measures (hammered copper spraypaint and Testors brush-on silver) had to be taken. The center bit even spins and lights up!

STATUS: For Sale
COST: $20 + $5 s&h in US

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